Health Coaching
can Empower You

Integrative Coaching is the starting point for gaining insight,

and applying practical steps that can create

exciting growth and lasting change.


It is a partnership, where you are valued as a whole person. 

After a health and lifestyle inventory evaluation, you will set the agenda

for the priority area that you wish to work on moving forward.

By answering thought provoking questions, identifying strengths, and

working through potential barriers, you will move forward with tangible 

steps that align with your values and propel you toward your goals.


As your coach, it is my job to inspire and support your growth and development.

It is your job to practice insight, truth and application to enhance your lifestyle.

With this insight, knowing how to best care for yourself, you can experience

transforming growth, strengthen your health, and increase your joy.


Together, we are a team that can empower you

to grow and maximize your potential on this journey.

Lisa Hagan  |  |  Gilbert, AZ