Empowering women to envision and achieve a 

balanced, healthy life

You were created to thrive as the
best version of YOU

Do you want to make lifestyle improvements, but don't know where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed by a new health diagnosis?

Are you suffering with thyroid issues, adrenal issues, or inflammation?

Are you challenged by a new season of life and could use some direction?

Goal setting and making changes can be challenging,

but you don't have to navigate it alone.

As a National Board Certified Health Coach,

I will guide you through a process of steps

that will equip you to accomplish your priority goals!

 Health Coaching Can Empower You


Engage in self awareness, 
create a vision,
discover a focus area


Choose a goal,
set realistic actions steps,
implement your plan


Review progress,
refine steps as needed,
celebrate change

Individual Coaching Sessions

Invest in Yourself

Group Coaching Sessions

Gather your Girl Tribe!

Consultations and Workshops

Inspiration & Guidance

"Lisa's coaching ability has helped me to "put feet" on my quest to return to the workforce. She has helped me unravel the jumbled thoughts in my head and fine tune them into a more focused plan of action.  I now feel both equipped and confident in my pursuit of employment!  Lisa is gifted in assessing situations quickly and offering concrete plans of action.  She is professional, empathetic, supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone in pursuit of clarity and direction in their lives!"

Mona C.

Lisa Hagan  |  lisa@equippedforwellness.com  |  Gilbert, AZ